Thursday, June 20, 2013

.....about spellings

It is my 6 year old son again....he misspelled cave as kave in his class dictation and his teacher gave homework to write it five times. It was my, the mum's, task to take up the arduous work of making him do it. I laid out his copy and asked him to do the corrections. My son took one look at his copybook and refused saying, " Explain why it is cave and not kave."  I looked at him with no answer to offer. He went on saying, "and you make me write mi in mice and then you make me write my in my and first you decide how it should be written. Other day teacher marked me wrong when I wrote craud and made be write crowd. then then you say crow (that black bird). What do you think confusing a little boy like me!"  Honestly, i have no answer. I tell him,"Look the English do many things which have to rhyme or reason and it is not only their language!" He seems to agree on the language front.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boys will be boys

This morning I was taking my children to school...on the way my nine years old daughter saw a picture of a Japanese girl and expressed her desire to draw it. My son, six years old, tells her, " Edom thik kore akish kintu."( draw it properly). My daughter is already looking a little indignant.  I suspect a squabble brewing and tell him, "you also can draw it." He says, " Nah! I'll draw and excavator and hmmm a zoo."  .... boys will be boy I was about to think when my son asks, "and what was that?"
" What was what?" I ask.
" Thaaaat," he says again. I look out of the window and try to spot a bird or a tree. "You have to explain to me how it looks so that i can tell you," I tell him.
He just points at the road see through the windscreen, "That," he says pointing at the striped little upheaval on the road ahead, " Oh!" I say with a smile,"that's a speed breaker."
"So, tt could be one bump, or two bumps or three bumps or 5 bumps or 10 bumps," he was babbling to himself I thought.
" So when does a speed breaker become a rumble strip?"
" What's a rumble strip?" I am actually clueless.
" When there are five or more speed breakers together they become rumble strip."
Is it? It's their mom's turn to learn now.... boys and their interests!!!!!!!